Factory direct sales 6 1/2 ”Trident bit with steel teeth, Trident bit with steel teeth

Product Details

3 7/8 (98mm), 4 5/8 (118mm), 5 7/8 (149mm), 6 (152mm), 6 1/2 (165mm), 7 1/2 (190mm), 7 7/8 ( 200mm), 8 1/2 (216mm), 9 1/2 (241mm), 9 7/8 (250mm), 10 5/8 (269mm), 11 5/8 (295mm), 12 1/4 (311mm) , 13 5/8 (346mm), 15 1/2 (393mm), 16 (406mm), 17 1/2 (445mm), 26 (660mm) (76mm-660mm) Tri-cone bit, single cone bit, cone bit for mining, petroleum bit, carbide tri-bit bit, composite PDC bit, core bit, diamond bit, large-diameter assembly bit.

The products are mainly used for: oil drilling, water wells, natural gas drilling, geothermal well drilling, air conditioning well drilling, coal mine exploration, mining, bridge construction, etc.

Bearing type: metal sealed bearing and rubber sealed bearing
Packing: carton or wooden box (with product instruction manual and product certificate included)

12 1/4 IADC637 Metal Seal Roller Bit

12 1/4 IADC637 Metal Seal Roller Bit

Bit features:
1.Using high-strength and high-toughness cemented carbide teeth to improve the impact resistance of the teeth and reduce the rate of broken teeth;

  1. The optimized design of the number of teeth rows, the number of teeth, the height of the exposed teeth and the unique alloy tooth profile make full use of the cutting ability and speed of the drill;
  2. The spring is used to lock the cone, which can withstand high drilling pressure.
  3. The inner hole of the cone is welded with anti-wear alloy to improve the anti-seizure ability of the bearing;
  4. The use of high-saturated nitrile rubber O-rings, the optimized seal compression increases the reliability of the bearing seal;
  5. The all-rubber oil storage bag that can limit the pressure difference and prevent drilling fluid from entering the lubrication system, provides good lubrication for the bearing system, and ensures the normal operation of the “O” -shaped seal ring, which increases the working life of the drill bit;
  6. The new type of grease with high temperature and low temperature resistance of 250 ℃ is adopted to improve the high temperature resistance of the drill bit seal lubrication system.
  1. High wear-resistant alloy sand is used to harden the entire surface of the palm back and teeth, thereby greatly improving the service life of the drill.
  2. Optimized design of the number of rows of teeth, the number of teeth, the height of the exposed teeth and the unique profile of the teeth, giving full play to the cutting ability and speed of the drill;
     3. The main diameters are: 4 5/8 “, 6”, 7 “, 7 1/2”, 8 1/2 “, 9 1/2”, 9 5/8 “, 9 7/8”, 12 1 / 4 “, 12 1/2”, 14 3/4 “, 15”, 15 1/2 “, 16”, 17 1/2 “, 22”, 26 “, etc.

 4. Steel tooth cone bit is suitable for soft formations, soft to medium hardness formations, and is widely used in oil field, mining, geological survey, hydrological exploration, engineering piling, geothermal development, water wells and other drilling fields.

Our company can provide specific solutions according to the actual drilling conditions, and customize any diameter assembly drill bits, including large-diameter pile foundation drill bits, different types of drill bits, reaming drill bits, directional well drill bits, etc.

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Matters need attention for use of the tricone bit

Matters need attention for use of the tricone bit:

  1. Before the bit goes down the well, it is necessary to confirm that the bottom hole is clean.
  2. Check whether the thread connection and the nozzle installation are intact.
    3.Drilling should be smooth and avoid excessive pressure and rough drilling.
  3. The last single root shall start the rotary table with large displacement, and drill the hole to the bottom of the well to fully wash the well and prevent cuttings from blocking the nozzle.
  4. When creating the shape of the bottom hole, the bottom hole should be touched steadily with low bit pressure, low rotation speed, large displacement, and low torque. The rotation speed should be 40-60r/min for at least 30 minutes.
  5. The reasonable determination of bit weight and rotation speed should refer to the parameters recommended in the bit operating instructions and combine with the actual situation of the formation.
  6. During drilling, the operation should be smooth and the drilling delivery should be even. It is strictly prohibited to lift and release sharply, slide and stop drilling.
  7. If the drill bit has no footage, the pump pressure increases or decreases obviously, the mechanical drilling speed suddenly decreases, the torque increases and other phenomena, the drilling shall be pooh and checked.